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Premiere: Application ~ Flange 7 [Exclusive Stream]

Premiere: Application ~ Flange 7 [Exclusive Stream]


Pioneers of UK techno and the whole new era of British underground electronic music – The Black Dog – have been metamorphosing and evolving for decades, with some of the scene’s most iconic byproducts via record labels like Warp, Dust Science, Soma Quality and more.

In the most recent evolution two of the three parts that make up The Black Dog – Martin & Richard Dust – formed Application with a “set of rules and an internal manifesto, that took two years to fully realize before any creative processes started in the studio.”

What those rules are we can only guess, but judging from their forthcoming album System Fork via their own Dust Science imprint, which is based on the Japanese principle of Itamae [in Japan students (Itamae) would watch the Sushi Master for five years before being given their first task], it has to do with taking a very careful and thought-through, almost strategic approach to designing a track. Like two scientists in a lab, Application created a 10-track masterpiece entirely from scratch, paying the highest attention to the smallest details. Don’t expect smudginess or “blurry” sounds, System Fork is precision in its highest form.

We are honored to bring you the first “look” into the project via exclusive stream of the second track on the album. Listen carefully.