Big Up Mix 88 ~ Danny Scrilla


Photo by Alice Pardis

Danny Scrilla is the name we’ve been hearing so much lately, whether it be associated with his recent stellar release on Rudimentary Records, or him being featured whooping four times on Om Unit’s upcoming Cosmic Bridge compilation, or through his entertaining /bordering with stand-up/ twitter account. Clearly there was a void to be filled, a void in our podcast series, the hole that Danny Scrilla covered up oh-so-very nicely with the mix we’re proud to share with you today.

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Danny Scrilla – Lone Ranger [Rudimentary Records]
Fracture – Overload [Forthcoming Exit Records]
Moresounds – Sound Bizness [Forthcoming Cosmic Bridge]
Know V.A. – Prisma [Dub]
EAN – I Bus’ the Mic [Forthcoming Cosmic Bridge]
LV & Josh Idehen – Doing What I’m Doing [Free DL]
Moresounds & Om Unit – Nuff Music [Forthcoming Cosmic Bridge]
Hidden Turn – Big Dirty [ThirtyOne Recordings]
Danny Scrilla – X (VIP) [Forthcoming Cosmic Bridge]
Calculon & Austin Speed – Get Murked (Deft Remix) [Forthcoming Shoot Recordings]
Fracture – Loving Touch [Forthcoming Exit Records]
Moresounds X HSIK – Shtrakoss Riddim [Basserk Records]
FIS – Love Drama Stress (Machinedrum Edit) [Dub]
Thing – Future Roots [ThirtyOne Recordings]
Larkin & Sky – Resveta [SVS Records]
Krampfhaft – Veluwe [Rwina Records]
Om Unit X Danny Scrilla – Gentrification [Forthcoming Cosmic Bridge]
LV & Josh Idehen – Tough (Danny Scrilla Remix) [Dub]
Danny Scrilla – Maroon [Dub]
Danny Scrilla – Higher Plane [Dub]

On the new Cosmic Bridge compilation you’re the popular kid with the most appearances. Did you work closely with Om Unit on picking the tracks for the compilation or did it come as a surprise?

I wasn’t really involved in the curation process itself. Om Unit simply hit me up asking if I had any tracks suitable for the compilation. The VIP version of “X” was pretty much a no-brainer for me seeing how the original came out on Cosmic Bridge. Epoch remixed “Hunch” pretty much at the same time as we collaborated on “Geometry”. After finishing the tracks we sent them over to Om Unit and he suggested including them on the compilation. “Gentrification” was a product of a session at Om Unit’s studio in London. We only had a very small time frame, but it was very interesting working with him in the same room instead of over the internet as we’d done before.

Where did you get the awesome “Danny Scrilla” name from?

“Scrilla” means “he who eats grilled cheese sandwiches” in German. It was the only thing I could afford to eat back then when I picked the name. Just kidding. My family name is Scrillenheimer and I simply went with an abreviation of it. Ok, jokes aside, here is the truth: Scrilla is actually an acronym that stands for “Some Can’t Really Imagine Living Life Ashore” which pays tribute to my proud lineage of pirates.

With Epoch living on the other side of the world, did you make “Geometry” by sending beats to each other over internet? Dope track!

Thanks! Yeah, that’s pretty much how it happened. I had this WIP which I had been working on but couldn’t quite wrap my head around. I sent the parts over to him and asked if he wanted to collaborate on it. He really made the track work. He’s got quite a unique style of arranging things in a tune. Definitely one of the most promising and interesting producers out there right now.


&#39Scrilla&#39 means &#39he who eats grilled cheese sandwiches&#39 in German. It was the only thing I could afford to eat back then when I picked the name.


Where do you waste your time on the internet?

Hands down social media. I use it a lot more than I’d like to admit. Especially because it annoys the crap out of me most of the time. Maybe some slightly masochistic tendencies there. I don’t always see it as a waste of time though. Over the past few years I’ve made a lot of friends in different countries that I try to stay in touch with. Facebook, Twitter etc. obviously make this a lot easier.


How has the response been to your latest release “Bismuth/Lone Ranger”? The artwork for that one is sick too.

The feedback I got so far was mainly positive. We had a few bumps in the road in the process of making this record but I’m really happy it’s finally out there. The artwork is by Andrew McHugh, one of the two guys running Rudimentary Records. Totally agree with you there, he did a fantastic job. Big shout out to Rory and Andy for making this record with me!

You seem to be jet setting between London and Munich. Are you considering any other places to call home any time soon in the future?

Definitely. There are a couple other cities in the UK I could imagine living in. London is just a little too pricy for my liking. Don’t get me wrong, I love the city and I always have a great time when I go there, but I couldn’t do what I do now if I moved there. I really liked the vibe in Amsterdam when I played there last year. I could imagine living there for a while.

What went into putting this mix together? Did you have to bribe any of the fellow producers for any of these gems?

Hah! No, nothing of the sort. It’s more of a “you scratch mine, I’ll scratch yours” type of deal. I usually start a mix by picking a few core tunes which I definitely want to use and then build around them. I had a lot more great material, which I wish I could have used but it didn’t quite fit. Maybe next time.