Big Up Mix 91 ~ Survey


Today we’d like to offer you a survey. The following 52 minutes are designed to help you better understand your emotional response to drums and bass. If you are tempted to think long and hard about a certain way to keep still, or if you feel that there are too many unreleased dubs to keep up with, resist. The most accurate results come from making a snap judgment and letting your body go with the rhythm. To begin, click ‘play’.

Survey courtesy of Berlin based drum’n’bass duo Hardy Schulz & Stephan Albrecht. Their new Object Relations EP with beautiful artwork is out via Protect Audio.

[toggle title=”Track List”]Vromm – El Sol (31 Recordings)
Clarity feat. Overlook – Engineering (Samurai Music)
Survey – Fragment (Protect Audio)
??? – ???
Breakage – Rebel Creation (Critcal)
Interline – Crisis (Nurtured Beatz)
Survey – Inhale (Protect Audio)
Amoss – Cranium (Horizons Music)
Survey – Endless (DSCI4 Dub)
Pessimist – Short Sighted (CX)
??? – ???
??? – ???
??? – ???
DYL – Anishinaabe (Clima RMX) (Skutta)
Ghost Warrior – Badlands (CX)
Cern – Conway (Dispatch)
The Last Hero – Centurion (CX)
??? – ???
??? – ???[/toggle]