Watch: Max Cooper ~ “Origins” + 'Kindred' EP


Max Cooper‘s science background shows in his every audiovisual production. The London-based musician with a PhD in computational biology (google that) revealed Origins a part of his new audiovisual show Emergence, which “examines how everything comes from (almost) nothing – how simple laws create complex, fascinating and beautiful outcomes. Origins explores shows how electromagnetism – one of the four fundamental forces, helps create the types of cell structures that allow life to emerge.”

The official Origins video, created by Rabbit Hole and Blackbox, shows water mixed with an oily ferrofluid. Max Cooper explains:

“Because their charge properties are different, they cannot mix – each repels the other. But when forcibly mixed by mechanical or magnetic forces, the result is that spheres form of one fluid inside the other – basic cell-like structures. All living cells today exhibit this same natural property of being encased in molecules that form a barrier which repels water, and it’s possible that the first cells arose through the sorts of processes shown in the video.”

Max Cooper’s Kindred EP is now released on Fields Records featuring remixes from Throwing Snow and David August and is a beautiful piece of music.

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