Dubit ~ "Fragmenti" LP Trailer


The idea of field recordings and scored art films is not novel, but Dubit’s new project Fragmenti is unique for several reasons (out on Several Reasons imprint, no pun intended).

Fragmenti is more than just an album: it is the soundtrack to an art film that will be released in segments, features no dialogue, and is scored by a series of field recordings made in Berlin and around Europe. Its idea was born “from the necessity of silence and the study of its interaction with noise”.

As Dubit puts it himself: “Fragmenti is a concept of information sharing; a documentary of today that ow is yesterday; a translation of memories, images, feelings, relationships, the means to an end, languages, dreams and nightmares, our interior conflict, our ego, our being… This album tells my story and your story.”

If you watch the trailer below, you might catch a glimpse of what we’re talking about.

Release date: March 16th, 2015.