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You Heard It First: "People Are Acting Like" by FilosofischeStilte (Dagger DX Remix)

You Heard It First: "People Are Acting Like" by FilosofischeStilte (Dagger DX Remix)

photo by Krijn van Noordwijk

It’s okay that you can’t pronounce the name of the Dutch producer with a West Coast beats aesthetic – FilosofischeStilte (literally translated to “Philosophical Silence”) – we can’t either. His real name is Luuk Graham, but his parents also nicknamed him a “Philosopher” for asking a lot of questions which have no answers. “The Silence part comes from the fact that I am a man of few words,” says Luuk. Indeed, why talk if you can make beats like these?

The good peeps at Lowriders are releasing the first volume of FilosofischeStilte’s Munch Palace series next week, which features three original tracks and two excellent remixes by LA’s Co.fee and the fellow Dutchman Dagger DX. (The latter is up exclusively for your enjoyment right after the break.)

All the tracks you will hear on both volumes of Munch Palace were inspired by Filo’s frustration with his homies, who were interested in doing “huge amounts of drugs and partying.” Luuk recalls: “I was just sitting there while they were telling stories about the huge heap of coke on a table somewhere or the 100,000 pills they took. It was so absurd that I could only laugh it away whilst feeling awkward to be around them at the same time. They are good people, but I just wasn’t on that same level.”

“People Are Acting Like” samples Jayo Felony’s “Watcha Gonna Do” and a classic Menace II Society line in a very fine fashion. Dagger DX takes it from purple West Coast beats, complete with gun shots, and wicked laughter samples, through a trippy breakdown, and to a footwork closing where it’s finally the point of no return. Enjoy.