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Exclusive Full Stream: Biomass & R.O.M ~ "MDOF#1" [Jazz/Noise]

Exclusive Full Stream: Biomass & R.O.M ~ "MDOF#1" [Jazz/Noise]

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Remember Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew from 1969? What about Tim Hecker’s The Ravedeath from 1972? Don’t you wish these two albums made like a baby and you could hear it when you need to… think about your life?

Good news: the Greek experimental label Modal Analysis has got your back.

What they did is they recorded improvisation studio sessions between the Greek electronic producer Panos Kyveleas, (a.k.a. Biomass), and the Italian impro-noise duo R.O.M. (Alessandro Quintavalle & Luca Pastore). And voila! You have yourself a brand new 4-track EP of timeless noise-jazz music – MDOF EP (Multiple Degree Of Freedom).

All four tracks (titled simply by the order number) include electronic bass, tenor sax, lots and lots of textures, drone layers and… freedom. Stream the opening track in full exclusively on this site.

MDOF EP is out in early April. We recommend you buy it for those mind-expanding sessions in your future.