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Premiere: Julien Aubert ~ "Mechanic" EP [Full Stream]

Premiere: Julien Aubert ~ "Mechanic" EP [Full Stream]


This coming Monday is a beautiful day to welcome Julien Aubert – the Swiss techno wizard of Creaked Records – back to the label with his first release in four years – Mechanic EP. The three original tracks and three remixes cast a hypnotizing spell with their dubbed out atmospheres and heavy hitting rhythms. Play, rinse, repeat.

Because Mechanic is pretty damn special, Julien agreed to share the exclusive stream of the EP in full with Big Up family, as well as have a quick chat about some of the stories behind it…

Discogs states you haven’t released any music since 2011. What made you take a long break? We’re so happy you’re back.

Thank you! It is true that with the exception of a remix I did for Oy in 2014, nothing has appeared in four years. My musical practice is a kind of breathing for me, I practice daily. I thus accumulate a lot of material and use it for lives. Production of pieces ready to listen is a less natural step for me. Despite that I regularly passed quite a number of tracks to the label, without being very satisfied to release them. Finally, a deadline was fixed and we selected the three tracks that are included on Mechanic together with Léo from Creaked Records. These tracks are the latest ones that I produced.


My musical practice is a kind of breathing for me, I practice daily.


In the age of disposable everything, how do you feel about music being consumed via online channels in a very abrupt way? Nobody seems to listen to full albums anymore. Are you going to make one?

Nowadays, we can find a lot of DJ sets or playlists on the internet, which can sometimes be related to the construction of an album. Personally and regarding the techno music, I’m considering working on long pieces rather than an album.

Besides producing mental music, you’re also a visual artist. You paint all your record covers yourself. What is the story behind Mechanic cover art. Did you paint it specifically for the release, or was it something you’ve done before and picked for the cover?

This little drawing was done with ink. I recently found it by chance and decided to rework and engrave the form. It was then scanned and placed on a blue background. The form seemed pretty simple, original and very efficient to me for an EP cover. The illustrated peacock bird seems a bit disillusioned to display his tail feathers, and I found funny to use this self-presentation posture as an image of music’s publication. A mechanical way of presentation. But of course everyone can make his own interpretation.

Were you the one to pick the remixers for the EP? That Isolated Lines remix is deep.

Léo from the label suggested the remixers. These are the people I know and I appreciate their productions. I’m very happy with their works for the EP.


In my practice, I tend to regard sounds as a material and music as a sculpture form.


What does your creative space look like? Do you paint and make music in the same space? Different studios? How do you separate these two passions/ pick which one you’re going to work on today.

For the art, I have my own workshop. For the music, I enjoy working and playing in my apartment. Before sending the original tracks of Mechanic to the mastering, I went to the studio of my friend Julien Grandjean – a musician and sound engineer – to control volumes and give them a small analog touch.
Even when it becomes abstract, art is a practice that relates to the reality of things and music is an abstraction by itself. In my practice, I tend to regard sounds as a material and music as a sculpture form. I definitely feel the need to constantly busy myself with both disciplines.