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Premiere: MoonDoctoR ~ ‘Turn Off The Light’ [Footwork]

Premiere: MoonDoctoR ~ ‘Turn Off The Light’ [Footwork]


In a week from now, the Chicago grown/San Antonio based producer MoonDoctoR is releasing a brand new Pharmakeia EP on his own Freshmoon Records.

This footwork driven 6-tracker is infused with all the familiar Chicago elements of footwork – repetitive chopped up vocals, addictive drum patterns – but MoonDoctoR also blends it with soulful melodies and elements of DnB, jungle, and juke.

We want you to hear the second track on the EP – “Turn Off The Light” – which is the most soulful track on the EP and is our personal favorite.

So open the windows and play it loud.

Pharmakeia EP is out on April 7th via Freshmoon Records