Premiere: Lorenzo_BITW ~ Jungle Warfare

Young producer Lorenzo, aka Butintheweekend, got lots of energy and motivation from the radioplays of his tracks by DJs like Murlo and Dusk & Blackdown, and wrote a UK funky/Garage/Bass inspired EP – Fantasies. Now forthcoming on Leeds based Tesselate Records, the EP doesn’t have a specific concept around it, besides the original experimentation with syncopated rhythms, and Lorenzo’s background in UK Funky since 2010. He also attributes it to “the influences from South African house, early Lil Silva material, D Malice and El-b.”

The track we are premiering today “Jungle Warfare” was made last summer and takes the name from the “Jungle Warfare” sampler (sample pack) from where most of the sounds are taken. It’s a real treat, so press play right now.

You can preorder Fantasies EP on Juno.