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Free Track Download: Tarzan ~ “Les Yeux De Crocodile” [Afrobeat/Tribal]

Free Track Download: Tarzan ~ “Les Yeux De Crocodile” [Afrobeat/Tribal]

Tarzan is a new musical endeavor of the French producer Miqi O. and is one of the most exciting sounds we’ve heard from the musician, complete with African percussions, blues samples, sounds of subtropical jungle and animals, all blended in a left-wing beat style way.

If this description was not confusing enough, we’re going to take you on a trip through the jungle with Tarzan’s track “Les Yeux De Crocodile” from his brand new EP – My Kinda Lady (Jane) – released via the innovative French label – Cosmonostro. Prepare to step into a naturalist expedition through the subtropics. Who knows what you’re gonna come across: a roaring lion, a crocodile, or a chanting tribe of the natives.

My Kinda Lady (Jane) is out now via Cosmonostro.

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