Premiere: Dfalt ~ "A Few Began To Smoke" [Plug Research]


Jason Drake, formerly known as Cassettes Won’t Listen, will release his debut self-titled album as Dfalt via Plug Research imprint.

Having lived in the Bay Area, Brooklyn and now back in Los Angeles, Jason’s sound soaked up all the flavors of local experimental hip hop and beats scenes, and he channels it all into his self-titled offering – Dfalt. Composed at his current home in Los Angeles, it’s not a happy BBQ and coastline highway in a convertible, but rather “pre-gentrification downtown, stumbling home after too many whiskeys in some wood-paneled dive”. Or “Santa Monica at 4 am, waves crashing in pitch black darkness, salt and smog in tandem”.

To give you a better idea, Dfalt is sharing the opening track with Big Up readers – “A Few Began To Smoke” – and it sets the mood perfectly: smoked out slow grove, dusty vocal samples and dirty chopped up beats.

Dfalt’s self-titled album is out on June 2, 2015 via Plug Research.