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Premiere: MICHAELBRAILEY ~ "You Are My Sister" (YUME Remix)

Premiere: MICHAELBRAILEY ~ "You Are My Sister" (YUME Remix)

photo by Sebastian Fathi

Manchester’s producer, vocalist, and classic composer MICHAELBRAILEY (aka Michael Brailey) releases his second body of musical work – You Are My Sister next week via the innovative smallestWRLD imprint, and damn it IS STUNNING.

If you’re looking for the music that gives you chills, takes you on a beautiful emotional ride, and opens your horizons of electronic music by blending the genres with classical compositions – yung MICHAELBRAILEY is your man.

You have to be patient though: hit play and then wait for it. Kinda like you’ve been patient with James Blake when you first heard his songs. You didn’t regret, did you? So go ahead, and get a taste of his new You Are My SisterEP via the remix of the title track by YUME of 95SOUND collective.

You Are My Sister is out now via smallestWRLD.

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