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Track Premiere: Ateller ~ "BK Dusk"

Track Premiere: Ateller ~ "BK Dusk"


Tel Aviv-bred, now Brooklyn-based musician Ateller has had an extensive music career performing and touring as a drummer since the age of 12. Since relocating to Brooklyn, New York he has been making beats inspired with his surroundings and the local hip hop and beat scenes.

The infatuation with the big city living, complete with its beauty and ugliness, excitement and loneliness, irony and chaos, gave birth to his 1001 Nights EP, being released on the Parisian imprint Cascade on June 1st.

The track closest to our hearts (for obvious reasons) – “BK Dusk” – is a beautiful audio journey, melodic, sonically diverse and emotionally gripping. But maybe, that’s just us… Check it in your headphones (preferably on a walk through the city at dusk)

1001 Nights EP is out on June 1st, 2015 via Cascade Records.

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