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Track Premiere: Synthek & Audiolouis ~ "Counterbalance" [Kwartz Redefintion]

Track Premiere: Synthek & Audiolouis ~ "Counterbalance" [Kwartz Redefintion]


One of our favorite albums of 2014 – Unwise by Synthek & Audiolouis – stands the test of time. Having been remixed by names like Polar Inertia, Aubrey and Tadeo in the first remix installment, more tastemakers are joining to offer their twist on their favorite tracks on the album.

Unwise Remix Series #2 features reworks by Kwartz, Fabrizio Lapiana, Antigone and Varg – almost too much to handle for the industrial techno lovers.

The opening track – Kwartz Redefinition of “Counterbalance” – which was originally scheduled for the third installment of the series, comes in to join the Natch exquisite collection of dancefloor weapons. You can hear it in full exclusively on the digital pages of Big Up.

Unwise Remix Series #2 is due on the second week of June via Natch Records.

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