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Video Premiere: Davem ~ "My Grand Rose"

Video Premiere: Davem ~ "My Grand Rose"

Album cover created by Davem (painting over the picture of his grandmother)

Filmed and edited by Andrea Fazzolari in Berlin zoo in super 8 format, the video chaotically explores the habitat of animals and birds in their snowy winter habitat. Set to the trip-hop, jazz, and electronic soundscapes by the Italian artist and musician Davem (for example, in the track he uses samples of his trumpet played in an analog voice transformer) the video takes on a trippy and psychedelic quality, much like anything that Davem touches.

The track “My Grand Rose” is taken from his album My Grand Rose Is An Angel dedicated to his deceased grandmother – a key person in his life – and released earlier this month via London’sGoodvibe Records.

Watch the video below and purchase the album after the break.

Davem_My Grand Rose (Andrea Fazzolari) from DAVEM "My Grand Rose is Angel" on Vimeo.

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