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Big Up Mix 101 ~ FilosofischeStilte

Big Up Mix 101 ~ FilosofischeStilte

Yung Filo – the way we lovingly refer to the Dutch producer FilosofischeStilte, because we can barely pronounce his name – is up to no good with recent badass releases on Lowriders, upcoming EP on Noah’s Ark, and his new TR-8 in the studio. We picked his brain about philosophy, drug abuse and his producer name to find out that he learnt to mix over Facebook chat, is working on a full-length album, and can never decide what to eat for lunch.

V.C. – WRX (FilosofischeStilte Remix)
Machinedrum – Hard 2 Be
Braille – Ports
Sokoto – Slow Duo
Denzel Curry – Ultimate
ASAP Rocky – LSD
Dark0 – I KNW
FilosofischeStilte – Deuntjes
Dark0 – North West Lights
Timbah – Flow Poke
Dizzie Rascal – I Luv U
Gucci Mane – Got her Drunk
Bones – Dirt
Braille – It’s Alright
J Beatz Vs. Dizzee Rascal – Sargent Vs. Strings Hoe
Sir Spyro – Bruce Wayne
Yung Simmie – Spaceship[/toggle]

The first few times I tried to make beats it sounded like shit. At that time I stopped trying.

How did you start messing around with making music? Who showed you how to? What did your first beat-making attempt sound like?

The first few times I tried to make beats it sounded like shit. At that time I stopped trying. I think like a year later I gave it another try, and I thought it sounded way better. So the little progression I made gave me the balls to really give it a try. Then I started to watch tutorials on YouTube that taught me a lot. Then I met Deadcrow, a producer from The Hague, and he showed me a lot of stuff about Fruity Loops and how synthesizers work. Mastah Syphe, a producer from Los Angeles told me how to mix through Facebook chat.

How did it feel to have Flying Lotus play your track?

It feels great man, but it’s not entirely my track. Big up Dagger DX for remixing that track! It’s still really cool that Flylo knows about me hehehe.

You’ve mentioned a few times about your frustration with the drugs/ party behavior of your peers, which led you to channeling your energy into music. Would you call yourself an introvert? Have you found a group of peers you connect with since you’ve started making music?

If they want to stuff their noses or whatever, I won't stop them. That’s just the way it is.

Yeah, there are lots of cool artist to connect with here in the Netherlands, and I still hang out with the same people, who are still doing the drugs, but I try to focus more on the positive than on the negative. If they want to stuff their noses or whatever, I won’t stop them. That’s just the way it is.

Releasing Munch Palace really helped me with accepting the situation and to close this chapter of frustration.

What’s your average purchase at Munch Palace? (itemized please)

Doritos and beer.

What’s your studio set up like? Any essential toys in the studio?

The Korg Volca Series is really nice for jamming! I also won a TR-8 a few months ago, and I have a Arturia MicroBrute. I’m always looking for new gear. It’s something nice to look forward to.

You must always have a problem with people pronouncing your producer name. Do you get a laugh out of it by now?

Yeah, I find it very cool that people try. For me it’s a confirmation that people actually like my music. A lot of people doubt my choice and think that it’s a bad decision, but every time someone tries to pronounce my name it’s a big middle finger to those doubts.

How is your debut album coming along? What/when should we be expecting to hear from FilosofischeStilte in the near future?

Next up is Munch Palace Vol.2. After that I’ll release an EP on Noah’s Ark and you can also expect another release on Saturate Records. I had some problems with my laptops, so I couldn’t make anything the past two months. But I have some nice ideas lined up for an album.

What is the question we didn’t ask you but you always ask yourself?

Pfff… Uhm…. What do I want to eat for lunch? I can never make up my mind.