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Exclusive Download: COLO ~ "Spring Dance" + "Liverp"

Exclusive Download: COLO ~ "Spring Dance" + "Liverp"

Colo 3

London based duo Ben and Nick – aka COLO – make music so cinematic, so imaginative, that no serious listener can pass up on the chance to hear more. Our curious ears were perked up at the very first few seconds of COLO’s sonic textures, and it gradually developed into a full-body experience as the song progressed.

Classically trained and taking influences from certain genres you might recognize as the underground sounds of UK, COLO create nothing of the kind of music you can attach a tag to. Yes, this makes it hard for us to keyword their tracks on SoundCloud, but it easily makes it our favorite kind of music to listen to.

Apart from their beautiful music and good sense of taste in visual identity, COLO are also very nice lads for giving away not one, but TWO of their tracks to Big Up readers for FREE download. Not sure why you’re still reading this. Hit Download.

Listen to more of COLO sounds on their Soundcloud.