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Free Download: Danny Scrilla ~ "Other Side Of The Rift"

Free Download: Danny Scrilla ~ "Other Side Of The Rift"


Who’s back? Danny Scrilla is back! To Om Unit‘s Cosmic Bridge imprint, with yet another stunning EP – True Sight. Inspirational mash up of instrumental hiphop, liquid drum and bass, OG dubstep, old school jungle and left-field techno is why we respect Danny Scrilla and why we love his new musical offering.

Teh 4-tracker True Sight, featuring a collaboration with the label’s boss Om Unit, is due for a release on June 29th (save the date), but how could we make you wait this long, when we’ve got our sticky fingers into a digital bonus track to the EP – “Other Side Of The Rift”. Danny is graciously sharing this beautiful beatless beast exclusively with Big Up readers.

Danny, we <3 you.