Premiere: Silkie ~ "Escape Route"


Welcome back to the Anarchostar Universe. The place where music, art and storytelling intertwine and form a new dimension, the higher depths of which can be explored cyclically, uncovering more and more meaning each time.

Distal‘s Retrograde Space Opera from last year is followed by Anarchostar sequel Fractals from OG veteran Silkie. Due for a release in mid July it tells the story of an “exploited musician who is transported weekly to the wealthy club – pods orbiting his dying home. Although he has been brought up and exists only to believe himself lower than those above him, his music is sacred to a technological ceremony that can prolong the lives and souls of those who wish it.”

The Fractals story, psychedelically illustrated by Freshcore, completes with posing a question “Can you perform for the goodness of a soul while losing your own?”. Valid question, which Silkie seems to answer through his 11-track LP, both staying true to his playful melodic sound, while exploring the new depths, new dimensions, and new tempos (we know you were wondering).

The fourth track on the album “Escape Route” is a testament to the above statement, where you feel like you’re seeing an old friend after a long separation and he looks better than ever.

Fractals is due on July 14th, via Anarchostar.