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Stream: The Illuminated ~ "Truth And Right" (Tuff & Powa Remix)

Stream: The Illuminated ~ "Truth And Right" (Tuff & Powa Remix)


Tuff & Powa, Compa, RSD, Numa Crew, OSC, Dubsworth, The Illuminated, Alpha Steppa, 6Blocc… We’re not only naming your favorite dub producers, but it is also the roster of the new compilation on Moonshine Recordings – Steppin’ Forward Remixed

Last year these same producers made original tracks to go on the Steppin’ Forward LP, and this year they swapped each others’ tracks and put their own twists on them. That’s real family business. Big Up the Steppin’ Forward crew.

The remixed compilation is out today and this is one of our favorite The Illuminated tracks remixed by Tuff & Powa:

Steppin’ Forward Remixed is out now via Moonshine Recordings