Big Up Mix 102 ~ Luke’s Anger

The producer, sound designer and writer from Norfolk, UK, that we’ve been raving about since we’ve heard his forthcoming EP Filas And Undercuts, Luke Sanger has put together an hour-long mix of his choice cuts for a dance floor.

Unreleased and forthcoming jungle, hardcore, rave and everything in between, this listening requires your junglist shoes, loud system and preferably an ample space to dance.

Ladies and gentlemen, This. Is. Luke’s Anger.

Eat ‘Em Up (Acid Mix) – Bonus Round
Mike Dyson – Unreleased
The Barking Smack – Ugly Funk
Disco Dyson – Bonus Round
Reality – Unreleased
Scoops – Unreleased
Frogger Riddim – Bonus Round
World Warrior – Sneaker Social Club
Show Me Some Lazer – Bonus Round
Lyn Track – Sneaker Social Club
Filas And Undercuts – Sneaker Social Club
King Worm – Bonus Round
Polite Violence – Sneaker Social Club
Biscuit Trap – Bonus Round