Premiere: Wen ~ "Gravity Flux" [Soundman Chronicles]


After his debut album Signals in 2014, UK’s 130-ninja Wen (Owen Darby) has been on our watch list; our anticipation is finally rewarded with the announcement (and the speedy release) of his brand new 6-track EP – Senary Cycles.

Coming out via DJ Parris’ imprint Soundman Chronicles, this is one of the most organic outputs from the young and independent British pirate radio-inspired crew.

Throughout the EP Wen’s signature cavernous space, industrial textures and chopped-up vocal experimentations are binded by the slightly impatient and even rude attitude. It is obvious the producer has gotten even more comfortable in his skin and we’re certainly even more anxious for his future releases.

Senary Cycles is due on July 17th via Soundman Chronicles.