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FadeHurricane x Big Up slipmats + interview and free Desktop Wallpapers

FadeHurricane x Big Up slipmats + interview and free Desktop Wallpapers

Southern California based artist and a pro skater FadeHurricane (aka Robert Lievanos) is a true multifaceted artist, creating in different media and styles: from watercolor paintings and handmade laser engraved pendants, to sacred geometry-inspired designs.

We have a pleasure of hosting FadeHurricane in the first episode of our Artist Series: Robert created Big Up-inspired artwork for 12-inch turntable slipmats and three desktop wallpapers for your screens. Read through our short chat, pick up a slipmat for your record player and download the free wallpapers.

  • Custom 12″ turntable slipmats, designed by FadeHurricane.
  • Made with the finest polyester 16-ounce felt fibers.
  • Dye sublimation printing.
  • Sold as a pair only.
  • Free shipping anywhere in the world.

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How did you get on the artistic path and how long have you been staying on it?

I have been on an artistic path since I can remember: always drawing coloring and building things as a kid. My mom was always doing a lot of arts and crafts projects and supported my artistic explorations.  Thanks Mom! 

Coming from a professional skating background and having an insider view, do you prefer doing creative work specifically for this industry? 

The skating industry taught me a lot, but I love to keep taking on new challenges and other explorations. 

What type of projects (or clients) are the most challenging for you and why? 

The most challenging clients are those who take for ever on payment or try to talk bargains, etc.

I feel the best ideas come from the initial excitement and concepts.

How is your work place set up? Do you have any ritual when you begin a new project? 

Work space is a studio environment computers, tablets, books, lightbox, tables, printers, etc… When I get a new project, and everything is locked in, I immediately start sketching ideas and building out my concepts as I feel the best ideas come from the initial excitement and concepts.

Where does the name “FadeHurricane” come from?

FadeHurricane is a nickname given to me in the ’90s by Brooke Howard Smith, which I turned into the name of my design business FadeHurricane Design. Thanks, Brooke! 

Are you involved with any creative community (skating, music, arts, design)? What artists (musicians, skater, designers) are you inspired by?

Most of the creative  communities I’m currently involved in are all internet based. I’m inspired by everyday life, my travels, experiences, surroundings, etc. Artists that inspire me are a lot of the greats: MC Echer, Dali, Rick Griffin, Herb Lubalin, Peter Nagel, Any Warhol, VCJ,  Steve Nazar and Alex Gray to name a few.

What’s in your headphones when you work and when you skate?

Prayers, Leon Bridges, Ellie Goulding, Tupac, Wutang, Reakwon, Cold Play. 

What do you think about having “creative freedom” when working on a commercial project? Was there ever a time, when it backfired?

Creative freedom from a client is always risky, but I feel if you talk out the project with the client, understand their needs and the purpose of the project, you can always find the solution. Sure, not every design is selected, but communication is the key.

Can you give us a sneak peek of any work in progress right now?

No sneak peeks currently but stay tuned for a surge of laser related products and projects to come.

Download free desktop wallpapers designed by FadeHurricane.