Premiere: nuemp – “Bug Of June”

Premiere: nuemp – “Bug Of June”

Swiss label AYM comes forward with the new release by a newcomer nuemp (also based in Switzerland) and it’s one of the most beautiful sonic rides we’ve been on in a long time.

4 tracks (two originals and two remixes by the label artists Amadeus Paulussen and Night Talk) extended over hypnotic 30 minutes, unite under the name Bug Of June EP and will be released on November 9th, which is when you need to grab them all for all your road trips, morning rides, sunset soundtracks and nighttime contemplations.

Stunning, slowly-burning flame of the title track “Bug Of June” premieres right now and right here. Intrigued by this output of nuemp, we’re looking forward to more.

Bug Of June is our on November 9th via AYM