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‘Cyberghetto’ Compilation forthcoming via Hyperboloid

‘Cyberghetto’ Compilation forthcoming via Hyperboloid

At the end of this month, the world will hear back from the Russian-based camp of producers, gathered under the umbrella of Hyperboloid imprint. What the world will hear will be surprising, explosive and freaky as per usual – 21 tracks of cyber grime, bass, club, juke and more. In the words of the label co-founder Pixelord – “you are free to find what you like”.

The names involved in Cyberghetto compilation are the usual suspects, already known to us by the previous Hyperboloid releases – Lapti, Raumskaya, Gyllepsy, Summer of Haze, 813 and of course Pixelord himself – as well as some newcomers to the camp – Seablaze, Antwood, Wwwings.

Cyberghetto on vinyl, pictured above, will include 12 tracks from the release and is due on November 30th via Hyperboloid.