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Premiere: Broken Deck – “Endless” [Hush Hush Records]

Premiere: Broken Deck – “Endless” [Hush Hush Records]

Seattle’s Hush Hush Records steadily continues to be the most productive US-based independent labels for the nocturnal music we are so emotionally attached to.

Their 54th release (!) comes in from the budding East London producer Broken Deck (Michael Wright), who fits the Hush Hush discography like a glove with an abundance of atmospheric textures, haunting vocals, and shadows of UK influences (if there is such a thing anymore) all throughout the four tracks of the Helter EP.

We have the pleasure of streaming the closing track of the EP – “Endless” – a day before its official release. If you like what you hear, buy the EP tomorrow and support the independent label.

Broken Deck’s Helter EP is out on November 20th via Hush Hush Records.