Premiere: Specialivery – “Accurate Estimate Of Earth’s Age”

Attention please, special delivery: SpecialiveryRadiometric Dating EP. Specialivery is Carlo Bernasconi (also a Swiss Armed Forces Militia Lieutenant and a runner-up Swiss DMC DJ Champion), whose production skills in dark techno can be compared to such visionaries as Perc and Prurient.

Radiometric Dating EP, being his third release, coming to the French imprint Poincaré Records at the end of this month, and it’s broadcasting Specialivery’s take on an “inter-planetary-historical rave experience”.

With three tracks varying in moods and settings, Radiometric Dating EP is telling a story of a different era, an inexplicably enormous world, where Earth was a young and lifeless rock. Listen to the second track of the EP, entitled “Accurate Estimate Of Earth’s Age”, and you’ll see (hear) what we’re talking about.

Radiometric Dating EP is out on November 30 via Poincaré Records.