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Simone Gatto announces debut LP – ‘Detachment’ – Stream title track

Simone Gatto announces debut LP – ‘Detachment’ – Stream title track

Italian DJ, producer, eclectic music activist, and a philosophy graduate Simone Gatto summarizes his personal musical and cultural journey in a debut 13-track LP for New York’s Sheik’N’Beik label.

Entitled Detachment – referring to the process of finding and maintaining interior wellness by becoming immune to negative circumstances, imbalances, misconducts and pessimism – the album aims to describe ways to relive, assimilate and react to events and memories of the past in order to obtain happiness and awareness.

Artwork for the album was created by the fellow Italian artist – painter Giorgio Casu, now living and working in New York. The inside of the album will feature a
special collage from Simone’s homeland, which seems to be an ideal location for spiritual isolation and… well, Detachment.

1. Pregnant Void
2. Evil Intent
3. Flux
4. Equilibrium feat. Giacomo Fronzi
5. The Way In
6. Life Cycles
7. Dissolved Perceptions feat Mirror 1
8. Interludio
9. Detachment
10. Landscapes
11. Take A Look
12. Seawolf
13. Outero

Detachment is out on vinyl on January 27th, and digitally on March 7th via Sheik’N’Beik.