Premiere: Machine Woman – “Liquid Metal”

Machine Woman (Anastasia Vtorova) is a Soviet-born audio and visual artist toying with avant garde techno experiments while residing in Berlin. Her delightfully abstract yet grim and minimal sound aesthetic can be attributed to her upbringing, as she comments herself:

“Growing up in the ghetto of Leningrad in the ’90s surrounded by political unsuitability and Brutalist architecture will shape you for life, but so will discovering Boney M’s ‘Night Flight To Venus’.

After releases on labels such as Acroplane Recordings and Sacred Tapes, Machine Woman’s new EP titled For Sweden fits like a glove on Stockholm-based Peder Mannerfelt Produktion. Listen to the dark and grainy “Liquid Metal” track from the EP exclusively on our site.

For Sweden EP is out on December 8th via Peder Mannerfelt Produktion.

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