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Premiere: Maribor – “Mei Chen”

Premiere: Maribor – “Mei Chen”

Bristol-based label Durkle Disco shining light on producers in grime, dubstep, garage, hip hop and experimental 130 bpm sounds, put together a compilation of all the above mentioned styles under the title Definitions Vol. 1.

The span of the artists involved is world-wide, including producers like Lamont, Lojik, Daffy & Unkey, Gundam, Body Double, Mythra and more. The solid line up ensures the quality of the compilation, and even if you don’t recognize some of the aforementioned names, you can rely on our stamp of approval. And Loefah’s, and Plastician’s, Bok Bok’s, Mr Mitch’s, Dusk & Blackdown’s, Addison Groove’s etc…

We picked one of our favorite tracks from the compilation (and it was a tough choice) to give you a little taste of what you can expect from this 13-tracker. Maribor’s “Mei Chen” rolls out the bass chopped up with shattering glass, sino-sonics, and slightly eerie radio transmissions.

Definitions Vol.1 is out on December 11th via Durkle Disco.

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