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Premiere + Download: Transposon – “Tartarus”

Premiere + Download: Transposon – “Tartarus”

Born on the beautiful and enigmatic Cyprus island, the Greek producer Transposon comes forward with an impressive debut on Tessier-Ashpool Recordings. His Octagona EP sees him mix and match different genres and influences in a true modern aesthetic. Digesting influences in bass, vocal, garage, techno and mythology, Transposon spews four tracks of extreme variety united masterfully by the solid hand of the producer and a metaphysical quality of the sound.

Ahead of the release during the Christmas week, Transposon graciously gives away the closing track “Tartarus” – a brief, mysterious, beatless saga, with Burial-esque mood, but pure Transposon-painted atmosphere. In ancient Greek mythology Tartarus is the deep abyss that is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as the prison for the Titans. Tartarus is the place where souls were judged after death and where the wicked received divine punishment. Now that you know this, hit play…

Octagona EP is out on December 21st via Tessier-Ashpool Recordings