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Premiere: BOP – “Riflessione Acuta”

Premiere: BOP – “Riflessione Acuta”

News from the Parachute camp: Music for Chairs. Yes, a four-track post-punk, minimal wave, and drone EP dedicated to one of the greatest human inventions dating back to 5000 years ago – a chair.

If for you it’s only a piece of furniture under your butt, for Luca Affatato, also known as an Italian producer BOP, it is a lot more than a sitting tool, and it deserves a dedicated piece of music.

We don’t know whether the chairs would enjoy the second track from the EP, titled “Riflessione Acuta”, but we sure do, thus we share the premiere of it with all the chairs of the Earth. Please do us a favor and play it for your chair too.

Music for Chairs is out on January 22nd via Parachute Records. Cover design by Kero.