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Stream: Phorm – “Icteric Searvm” (from ‘Visions’ Vol. II)

Stream: Phorm – “Icteric Searvm” (from ‘Visions’ Vol. II)

European vinyl label Blackwater, rooted in “values that make music a sacred place, rescued from the dynamics of the market”, just released the follow up compilation Visions Vol.II, collecting post-balearic sounds from a slew of Italian artists (predominantly Rome) like Key Clef, Phooka, Guiseppe MarraPhorm and more.

The 12-track compilation encompasses a whole spectrum of deep and chill sounds from ambient to drone, with an emphasis on quality and seriousness of the whole endeavor. You can hear the full compilation on Blackwater’s Bandcamp, and we’re sharing our favorite track below:

Visions Vol.II is out now via Blackwater.