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Exclusive Premiere: Arad – “Waveswimmer” [Electric Deluxe]

Exclusive Premiere: Arad – “Waveswimmer” [Electric Deluxe]

Dara Smith – known to you for his brilliant collaboration with Ian McDonnell as Lakker – channels his creativity into numerous solo projects, from visual to sound design to DJing, at the pinnacle of which is Arad.

Combining his passion for visual art, motion graphic design, and sound, Arad [Dara backwards] comes with his debut album Particles and Waves, fittingly released through the very particular and meticulous output – Speedy J’s Electric Deluxe.


Very diverse, highly stylized and exquisite in its sound design Particles and Waves is bound to accompany many a musical journeys on the dance floors, in the headphones, and can easily become a soundtrack to a whole period of your life, like some of the most epic albums you’ve been listening to on repeat.

Particles and Waves is an Electric Deluxe special limited edition double vinyl release, which will only be available for physical purchase through the Electric Deluxe store.