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Premiere: Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins – “Norbron Sjinjowkriaw”

Premiere: Simon12345 & The Lazer Twins – “Norbron Sjinjowkriaw”

In just a couple days the world will hear the new record from Holger imprint – always an exciting affair. Cheveux Propres, Cheveux Gras by Simon12345 & The Lazer twins is a perfect fit for the label always releasing conceptually wholesome, highly original content.

Cheveux Propres, Cheveux Gras is a six-track EP is radically diverse in its soundscapes from one track to another, but consistent in its individuality and richness of ideas. Not going easy on the listener, Simon12345 & The Lazer twins create an intense ride – loud and bumpy at times, relaxed and danceable at others – but fear not, they always know when to stop for a break, and when to go at full throttle.


Cheveux Propres, Cheveux Gras by Simon12345 & The Lazer twins is out on March 4th via Holger.