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Premiere + Download: Transposon – “Tartarus”

By Katya Guseva on December 11, 2015

Born on the beautiful and enigmatic Cyprus island, the Greek producer Transposon comes forward with an impressive debut on Tessier-Ashpool Recordings. His Octagona EP sees him mix and match different genres and influences in a…

Exclusive / Music

Premiere: Kask – “Periferia”

By Katya Guseva on November 25, 2015

Estonian producer Andreas Kask, based in Tallinn, blends his soulful Nordic sensibilities with the UK-inspired heavy grooves and rhythms on his new Periferia EP for the London’s young imprint X-Kalay. Three original tracks and a…

Exclusive / Music

Premiere: dznt – “Autumn Leaves”

By Katya Guseva on October 21, 2015

dznt – one of the many aliases of Naoki Yoshioka from Japan – comes forward with his lush and beautiful offering Circle of Life via Seattle’s best independent label – Hush Hush Records. Circle Of…