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Flume Talks About His Live A/V Show – Video

By Alicia German on August 20, 2013

Australian whipper-snapper Harley Streten, aka Flume, hinted to us about his new live A/V show back in May (read the interview here), and now it’s finally taken shape into a beautiful tech-advanced show, which he’s bringing on the road to America

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Watch: Scuba Live – Official Video

By bigup on November 19, 2012

The lucky few hundred people in London who saw Scuba premiering his live show on November 3rd , have been through quite a trip. It is obvious if you just take 2 minutes to watch the official video for the live show.

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Flying Lotus Film ~ Layer 3

By bigup on November 1, 2012

With four albums under his belt, Flying Lotus continuously aspires to create more, reaching for the new magical realities, combining audio, visual and other dimensions that seem to be known only to FlyLo himself.

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FabricLive 62: Kasra – Video

By bigup on March 13, 2012

Can we already give some sort of award to FabricLive for producing the dopest promo videos for their mix series? Well, even if there was an award for that, this time it should have been…

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Video: Afta-1 At The Loft

By bigup on October 25, 2011

Beautiful video of Afta-1 playing Live At The Loft and spreading pure vibes. Standard. One thing we like more than his new beat at the end of the video is his triangle ring. Supafly! #14…