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Exclusive Stream: Etch – “Fantasy”

By Katya Guseva on January 13, 2016

You would think the young Brighton b2b London based producer Etch is either lying about his age, or is a reincarnation of an old-school UK raver from about 25 years ago. Something about the way…

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Track Premiere: Stillhead – “Knife Edge”

By Katya Guseva on January 12, 2016

Iceberg – a large floating mass of ice detached from a glacier or ice sheet and carried out to sea. Iceberg is also the title of Riga-based Alex Cowles’ (formerly DFRNT) beautiful new album – debut…

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Premiere + Download: Transposon – “Tartarus”

By Katya Guseva on December 11, 2015

Born on the beautiful and enigmatic Cyprus island, the Greek producer Transposon comes forward with an impressive debut on Tessier-Ashpool Recordings. His Octagona EP sees him mix and match different genres and influences in a…

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Premiere: Otik – “Ember”

By Katya Guseva on December 9, 2015

London’s independent record label Push & Run rounding up the year nicely with the new 2-track release from Otik. Backed by Keysound camp, Swamp81 family and a resident of Radar Radio the Bristol-born producer have…

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Premiere: Maribor – “Mei Chen”

By Katya Guseva on December 8, 2015

Bristol-based label Durkle Disco shining light on producers in grime, dubstep, garage, hip hop and experimental 130 bpm sounds, put together a compilation of all the above mentioned styles under the title Definitions Vol. 1….

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Premiere: Machine Woman – “Liquid Metal”

By Katya Guseva on December 3, 2015

Machine Woman (Anastasia Vtorova) is a Soviet-born audio and visual artist toying with avant garde techno experiments while residing in Berlin. Her delightfully abstract yet grim and minimal sound aesthetic can be attributed to her…